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Dr. Karl Grohmann (* 24.07.1918 – 29.07.2013) was a children and youth psychologist. Until 2000, he worked as a clinical psychologist in Vienna. He has helped children, adolescents and also adults who had anxiety, stress and burnout as well as school-, professional- and relationship-problems. His patients from around the World, as well as their children and Grandchildren, have kept contact with him until his last days.

Karl Grohmann’s most important principles were:

„People need praise, praise and praise again.
Children need much more than adults!“

„Sometimes, as a psychologist, I feel happy about the school and its successes.“

„At times parents and students can be a good team.“

„Some parents can motivate their children really well:
Yet, there are still not enough motivated children.“

„Sometimes I think even as a psychologe:
One should abolish schools! „

„Stupid children are rare, but in their environment sometimes the nonsense flourishes.“

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